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Standalone Voice Logger

Network Interface/Integratred Playback

The Telrecall Standalone Tel-SDPL-100/400 are network-based devices with 4GB or 8GB built-in memory. They are capable of stand alone operation as well as providing high quality digital recording of phone conversations. They can also record analog audio from other sources such as microphone (conferences and meetings) and radio (dispatch centers).

Based on user perferences, record data can be stored in either the logger's intercal flash memory or an external USB drive. Therefore the system memory can be easily expanded by plugging in a high capacity USB drive.

Recorded files can be reviewed conveniently withe the built-in Keypad/LCD interface ,accessed from a remote PC via the Internet, and/or uploaded to a network storage unit for centralized data management.

    Technical Specifications

  • Telephone Interface
  • Type- Analog
  • Impedance 20k Ohm
  • Lines per unit 1 or 4
  • Network Interface

  • Type- Ethernet RJ 45
  • Speed- 100 mbps
  • Voice Recording

  • File Format- WAV
  • Compression Options-IMA ADPCM 32 kbps uLaw 64 kbps,Linear PCM 128 kbps
  • AGC- 40 dbm to+9dbm
  • Activation- Off hook, VOX and push button
  • Caller ID- FSK&DTMF
  • Date Rate- 70 hours/GB
  • Storage Devices

  • Internal Flash Memory 4GB (Tel-SDPL-100)
  • Internal Flash Memory 8GB (Tel-SDPL-400)
  • Working Environment

  • Operation Temperature- 0'C to 60'C
  • Humidity- 85% max
  • Power Supply

  • DC Power Supply- 12VDC, 1000mA
  • Physical Dimensions

  • Tel-SDPL-100- W230xD174xH35 (mm)
  • Tel-SDPL-400- W230xD174xH35 (mm)