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Standalone Telephone Voice Logger

No PC Required

Introducing the Standalone Tele recall Analog Voice Logger. Now you dont need a PC to records calls. Voice Logger is the ideal solution for monitoring voice calls in Small and Medium enterprises. Call Center/ Stock Brokers/ BFSI/ Security Agencies/ Emergency Service providers need to record calls for future evaluation and proof of Sale. Telrecall loggers provide a reliable and cost effective solution


  • MultipleLine Fully Stand-alone Network Voice Logger (1/2/4)
  • Support SD card storage(8G, 16G, 32G and 64G)
  • Recording announcement & Auto Answering Machine
  • Pre-Recorded TC Verification(Music On Hold DTMF Key)
  • Completed call records (CID, CDR, date, time)
  • Real-Time Monitoring, Loop Overwrite function in SD card
  • Auto-Backup to the computer when connect Network/LAN
  • Pop-up Window of incoming call with phonebook info
  • Multi-Level User Accounts
  • PBX SMDR(Station Management Detail Recording)
  • CMS(Central Monitor System) for max 20 devices